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Dr Abe Shegro Gerrano is a senior research Scientist currently working on Indigenous Vegetable Crops at the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) of South Africa as a breeder and Geneticist. He is a National Research Foundation (NRF) rated and established research scientist. Since joining the ARC, Dr Gerrano has been leading the program on African Leafy, Legume and Fruit Vegetables crop diversification research and development (plant breeding, and genetics). Before joining the ARC, he worked at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR). Dr Gerrano’s area of research interest is the assessment of genetic diversity in crop and crop wild relatives towards the genetic improvement of crops for especially yield, nutritional quality, disease and pest resistance as well as stress tolerance breeding. He has a huge interest towards contributing to global food security through improving the productivity and quality of orphan crops from the developing world. He has also an experience in trait evaluations, development of appropriate strategies to integrate genomics into breeding programs, and experience in identifying and utilizing DNA-based markers in breeding programs. Dr Gerrano currently leads and manages many plant breeding and related projects. Dr Gerrano supervises and co-supervises students’ research projects (MSc and PhD). Furthermore, Dr Gerrano is an appointee for more than 10 South Africa Universities as an external and internal examiner for the MSc and PhD students’ dissertation/thesis. Moreover, he hosted, supervised and trained an international visiting scientists in his breeding programme at the ARC. He published more than 45 peer-reviewed journal articles (authored and co-authored), 8 peer-reviewed articles in the international proceedings, one book chapter, 16 book abstracts and one popular article, 71 national and international presentations (authored and co-authored)-poster and oral.

Abe Shegro Gerrano

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