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Benefits of Joining EthPASA       

  • Enhance your network: You can develop and strengthen your peer connections with Ethiopian professionals to help you advance your career and work together in the Ethiopian communities and beyond.

  • Voting right: You will have one voting right at EthPASA’s Annual General Meeting (if applicable to a member)

  • Membership directory and online community forum: You will have access to log in, update your profile and connect members in your profession or other professions with whom you can solve problems, discuss ideas and use of opportunities. 

  • Involvement: You will be involved in ongoing research projects proposed by the Research and Development Committee. In addition to research collaborations, you can also get involved through committee volunteer activities.

  • And so much more!

Membership Categories

The association has three membership categories namely professional, community and associate.

Professional membership is open to any person who is

  1. Interested in advancing the purposes of the association;

  2. Willing to subscribe to the Articles of Association and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees;

  3. Willing to sign the association’s membership agreement, if any;

  4. Willing to abide by the association’s code of conduct or ethics;

  5. Pursuing postgraduate studies or engaged in research work in Southern African universities;

  6. Working in academic, research or industry sector in a Southern African country;

  7. Willing to contribute in the process of achieving the missions and vision of the association, irrespective of religion, politics or ethnicity;

  8. Using his/her area of specialization to work as self-employed, or employed in any governmental or non-governmental organization.

Community membership is open to any person who satisfies the conditions mentioned from 1 to 4 for professional membership and holds at least a Bachelor Degree.

Associate membership is open to all individuals and institutions with an interest in promoting and supporting the objectives of the association.


Join EthPASA

If you wish to join EthPASA, then you have two choices to apply:

  • Download and complete the membership application form found here and email at or

  • Complete and submit the online membership application form found here.


Please note that your application will be activated once the membership fee for the membership category for which you are applying is paid. The current annual dues for the three membership categories are given as follows:

The association bank account details are:













We appreciate any donations or endowments to EthPASA paid into the same bank account.

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